Come with me

One of the great things about reading in public is that you meet so many talented people. Last weekend, I shared a stage with Inni-K, whose lovely voice has been filling my house ever since. Here she is performing Come with Me from her debut album The King has Two Horse’s Ears. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Come with me

  1. Lovely track that – hints of an African-type rhythm in there. She sure has a lovely voice. Did you enjoy your reading experience Aileen? (I have a public talk coming up tomorrow as part of the Jersey Festival of Words – gulp!)

    1. Definitely hints of an African rhythm, Roy. And yes, a beautiful voice. I enjoyed the reading, Roy, although I’m always a little nervous beforehand. Are you talking about your novels tomorrow? I was in Jersey twice this Summer. Didn’t realise there was a festival of words. Pity – might have been tempted to make a third trip!

      1. Nerves are a good thing if properly channeled Aileen. Yes, it’s our first literary festival and very ambitious it is too with some great visiting celebs. But nice that local writers are involved too and we have a nice, intimate gallery setting and not the Opera House 🙂 I’m talking on ‘Jersey Inspirations in Writing’ with lots of pictures to look at.

        You should give me a shout next time you’re over!

      2. Sounds like a plan, Roy! Good luck with the talk. I’m sure it’ll be wonderful. Hope you get to enjoy the rest of the festival, too.

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