I’m an Irish writer and editor, a lover of words and images. I write nonfiction mostly: essays, memoir, and prose poetry, as well as shorter, more humorous pieces.

Recently, I’ve started to write flash fiction. I enjoy the challenge of telling a story in as few words as possible. I’m curious to see where this new departure takes me.

As a writer, I’m interested in how we respond to place; how it affects our sense of identity and wellbeing. I try to pay attention to my surroundings, to look at them carefully and respectfully. I want to feel at home wherever I live. I’m a Dubliner through and through, but I’ve a soft spot for the West of Ireland. Who doesn’t?

When I’m not writing, I’m generally reading. Or taking photographs. If you’d like to read some samples of my place-based writing, click on the Hush tab. The full, year-long project is available on the Hush website.

My essay Small Lives is available in Compose: A Journal of Simply Good Writing. Measuring Up is available in Hippocampus Magazine. The Place Between appears in issue 4 of the Lindenwood Review and After Coffee appears in Work Literary Magazine. An essay The Shell of your Ear appears in Oh Baby, an anthology from Creative Nonfiction. The Bell Beat of your Wings appears in The Ogham Stone (2015) and Ferry to Boffin is in issue 1 of the Eastern Iowa Review. Rorschach and Soundings appear in Sweet: A Literary Confection. On Not Looking appears in Entropy and School Run in Slag Glass City. Listen, Story, Tell (Not always Tell) is available at Cleaver Magazine.  My essay The Hurl and Gliding appears in Entropy  Cacophonic Sea Lament is available at SeverineYou are here appears in Ariel’s Dream. You can hear me read A Falling from the Sky in Flashback Fiction and The Man who Taught my Children about Dragonflies on No Extra Words – the Flash Fiction Podcast.

Follow me on Twitter at @HuntAileen

24 thoughts on “About

  1. Oh my goodness! You have the same name as my daughter. You have a lovely name, by the way. I have never been to Ireland so I am looking forward to reading your blog.

  2. Thanks for following my blog! Today I reviewed my list of followers and looked again at your blog. I thought you would like to know I featured your “about” page and your Tumblr link on my blog post. I really want to read those 12 Essential Essays for Writers. To see what I wrote about you go to my blog. I might ask you some questions about Tumblr when I look into the social media more. I love your Tumblr site! Kay

    Here’s my feature about you. http://skybluedaze.wordpress.com/2014/10/30/essays-for-writers/

    • Hi Kay, thanks for the kind words and for featuring my ‘about’ page on your blog. The great thing about Tumblr is that it encourages reblogging, so you don’t have to create original content for it (although you can, of course). I use it to feature cool stuff from other people, for example, the 12 Essays for Writers that you mentioned. You can also share posts and reblog to your Facebook page easily. It’s quick to set up and user-friendly, and I think you’d enjoy it. Finding lots to like on your blog, Kay. Looking forward to seeing the next installment of Cat Rock!

      • I don’t really understand how to reblog. The way you have the essays set up on Tumblr makes it easy to click an essay link and read it. I didn’t know how to make that happen on my blog so I featured yours. And yours is a well done “about” page. I have published but haven’t put my work on my blog yet.

      • Kay, reblogging is simple in Tumblr. Each post has a share button. When you click on the button, you get an option to reblog to Tumblr or Facebok (among others). Click and post. That’s it! The essay article you like already had the links built in. I just reblogged!:)

    • Hi Jenny, thanks so much for the nomination. I’m always interested in hearing how other writers work — and happy to talk about my own (not always efficient) methods. Give me a few days to get my thoughts together and to check out the blogs you recommended. I’m looking forward to reading them. Thanks again, Jenny.

      • I’m so pleased you want to share, Aileen. I feel the same as you about hearing how others work. And I love seeing their recommendations for other blogs that they enjoy. I’m really looking forward to reading your post.

  3. Hi Aileen! I hope everything is very well in your corner of the world. I’ve just nominated you for a Liebster award. Of course, you are not obliged to participate, but you’ll see I’ve linked to your blog in my latest post and if you’d like to do it, I’ll share with you all the “rules” that apply. 🙂
    your friend, Rachel

    • Hi there, and apologies for somehow missing your kind nomination. I’m always honoured when fellow bloggers think of me for an award. However, I hope you don’t mind if I respectfully decline. I’m taking a little break from awards and tours at the moment, but delighted to see your own site honored and grateful to you for nominating me. All the best, Life in the moment! I’m enjoying your blog.:)

  4. Hi Aileen, I really enjoyed your blog titled Hush. You choice of locations are among my favourite places. Your photos are the perfect companion to the prose. Regards Michael

    • Hi Michael, thanks for the kind words. I really enjoyed working on Hush – it was a great excuse to spend some time in some of my own favourite places. May have to start a Hush 2 blog one of these days!

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